Safety First as Dubai’s RTA Carries Out Mock Collision Out At Sea


Authorities have with success carried out a security drill simulating a collision between a ship and a Dubai Ferry vessel carrying fifty individuals, off the coast of the emirate.

The exercise held a pair of.5 transport miles off of Rashid Port, enclosed the triggering of a fireplace within the rear of the ferry.

The Roads and Transport Authority and metropolis Police were helped by the defense force, Civil Defence, and metropolis automobile Services.

“It needed a fast response for rescuing passengers and taking necessary actions to revive RTA’s services,” same Ahmed Bahrozyan, head of the authority’s emergency and crisis management team.
The same that the objectives of the exercise enclosed testing the speed of response by emergency services and therefore the level of coordination between all departments and authorities concerned.


The drill associate element} of an annual set up aimed toward raising the degree of state of emergency and crises groups.
“It reveals to what extent these groups square measure able to intervene and contain such accidents if occurred under any condition, God forbids. we tend to square measure so keen to hold out such drills sporadically with many governments & semi-government entities within the Emirate,” said Mr. Bahrozyan.

DP World, Rashid Port, and metropolis Maritime town Authority additionally supported the exercise.


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